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Hello Parents!


My name is Miles Mackow and I am the Director for the Tyke and Mini-Tyke divisions for the Sherwood Park Titans. 

I would like to thank those of you who have already registered your sons and daughters for the upcoming 2018 lacrosse season.  Its going to be another very exciting year and we are looking forward to kicking the season off in April. 

We have had quite a few registrations come in and we are now in the process of making teams.  We have also received a number of friend and coach requests and we will do our best to accommodate those where we can. 

However, we are facing a challenge, and that is a lack of coaches.  While I have a few parents who have volunteered to be assistant coaches, I have received very few volunteers for head coach. 

As of right now, I am in need of 3 head coaches for Tyke teams and so I am asking you to consider volunteering to be a coach on your son or daughter’s team.  This is a call out to both Moms and Dads.    


If you’re on the fence about becoming a coach, be assured that we have clinics and lots of resources to help with planning and running practices. 

In my experience, there are other parents who will step up to be assistant coaches and help out if there is someone there to take the lead.  It is never a one coach show! 

Most of you have been involved in your kids lacrosse for a couple of years now and so you know that it is all about having fun at this age.  Get with a friend and coach your kids’ team together. 


Please give this some consideration.  It will be rewarding for you and really exciting for your own kids too!

Contact Miles Mackow tykes.titans@gmail.com


Tyke is for players born between  2010-2011

The purpose of the Mini-Tyke and Tyke leagues is to introduce, emphasize, and develop the fundamental skills of lacrosse. 

The focus of practices as well as games is to promote an environment that encourages participation, skill development, and overall enjoyment of the game.

Please refer to the Equipment Guide page under the Parent’s Resource Tab.  Note that mouth guards are required for Tykes. 

There are goalies in Tyke lacrosse and the Titans will provide goalie equipment.  All players are encouraged to play the position of goalie throughout the season.   

The Tyke season begins in April and ends in June.

For 2017, the Titans had 6 Tyke teams.

Kids will be divided into teams of approximately  10-12 players.


Tyke Games will be 1 hour  - 5 minute warm up, three 15 minute periods and 3 minute period breaks.

Clock is run time with only stoppage being for time outs.

Tykes will play Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with games start times being anytime from 6pm to 7 pm and game end times anytime from 7 pm to 8 pm. Preference were arena scheduling allows will be to 6pm starts. Games will be scheduled in close geographic proximities, not league wide. Tykes teams can expect a practice each week as well.

At the end of the season, a special “Tyke Festival” is held where all teams come together to play one another in a fun and festive atmosphere.

Tykes will play Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with games start times being anytime from 6 pm to 7 pm and game end times anytime from 7 pm to 8 pm. Preference where arena scheduling allows will be to 6 pm starts. 

Games will be scheduled in close geographic proximity, not league wide.

Throughout the season, in order to encourage the development of this environment, there will be no standings for Mini Tyke or Tyke. Please note that although standings are not kept, standard game results procedures must be followed (ie. sending in the game sheets).

Team selection dates TBA.

The Director will attempt to accommodate reasonable friend/coach requests where possible while still maintaining parity teams (teams being made equal with respect to ability level).  No GUARANTEES are made with respect to friend/coach requests and make sure the friend/coach you are requesting is aware of your intentions. 

If you would like to make a friend request, please contact Miles Mackow at tykes.titans@gmail.com by March 1, 2018

Additionally, there is always a need for head coaches and assistant coaches.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact Miles Mackow.



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