Vertical Alignment - Coaching

Vertical Alignment:

The purpose of establishing Vertical Alignment within the Sherwood Park Titans Association is to develop a common core and standards of coaching. All the information gathered to help create the Vertical Alignment plan was gathered through CLA (Canadian Lacrosse Association) and ALA (Alberta Lacrosse Association) resources. 

Each Divisional Plan was formed on the basis of the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) Plan established by the CLA. 
Here is the link: LTAD Plan

All Basic Skills, which are relevant and should be stressed, corrected and practiced at every level have been defined at the CLA level. All coaches should be fully aware, knowledgeable and educated on necessary lacrosse skills. The link below is a great resource for tips and outlines common errors and corrections for lacrosse skills. If coaches have no knowledge, uncertainties or need to brush up on lacrosse skills...
Here is the link: Lacrosse Skills

A quick reference guide for coaches of drills to use for the lacrosse specific skills noted above is attached here: Lacrosse Drills. Also included is a basic plan for lacrosse players to develop skills under a curriculum plan and expose today's youth to the sport with active, developmental drills in a fun environment which is most important: Lacrosse Curriculum.

Below are the Development Coaching Plans for each Division. This is a basic development seasonal plan for coaches to use for their team and the season. Coaches are to follow these plans as they encompass all the necessary technical and tactical skills which should be taught at each level. 






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