Tournament Rules


Rules and Regulations:


  1. Any team wishing to participate in The Titans Classic Tournament must only be registered by someone on their team staff- such as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Manager. No multiple team registrations by an association.
  2. The person registering their team is responsible to ensure all communication from the Tournament Director is relayed in a timely matter to all members of their coaching staff, players and parents.
  3. The person registering their team will be required to upload their team roster before May 15, 2018. Failure to do so may result in their team being rejected from the tournament, and no refund given.
  4. Teams will be accepted until a division is full. Once a division is full, teams will be placed on a waiting list, until a spot becomes available. The tournament coordinators will keep you posted.
  5. Any team withdrawing from the tournament After May 1st, 2018 will forfeit their entry fee, no exceptions.

  Affiliates and Rosters:

  1. Rosters must be submitted on line. Rosters must match their regular season roster(as submitted to the ALA/GELC/CDLA or appropriate governing body.)
  2. Affiliates may NOTbe used as per ALA Regulations.
  3. ALA Regulations will be in effect except where otherwise noted.


  1. All teams must have a set of two jerseys, or be prepared with a set of pinnies.
  2. HOME teams shall wear light, and AWAY shall wear DARK. If team colours are similar, the HOME team will be required to change jerseys.

Game sheets:

   Game sheets will be available at the Host Table at each venue 30 mins prior to each game.



If a game sheet is not returned the score may not count in the standings until it is returned.  No exceptions.


Each team will provide 2 scorekeepers for each game, for a total of 4.

1 -Scoreboard, 1-Shot clock, 1-Game sheet, and 1-Swing gates for penalty boxes. 

Game sheets need to be picked up and filled out and returned 15 mins prior to the game starting.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteers must be over the age of 16.   

Mercy Rule:

 Any Novice, Peewee, Bantam or Midget game that has a goal differential of 6 goals or more shall be played at run-time from that point on. Only, if the goal differential becomes 4 or less, does the game revert back to stop time.   At no time, shall a goal differential of more than 6 goals be posted on the scoreboard. Additional goals will be recorded on the game sheet only.

   The 30 second shot clock shall be in play for division Novice and above.




Game Play:  

All games shall be played in the time frames listed below.  The ALA no longer allows games to end in a tie.  There will be no dropping of the clock. 


Mouth guards are mandatory and wearing of jewelry on the floor is prohibited.  This includes piercings, which must be covered if removal is not possible.

Novice divisions: (60 minute time allowance)

-5 minute warm-up

-3 x15 minute run-time periods

-2 minute rest between periods


Peewee division: (90 minute time allowance)

-5 minute warm-up

-2 x15, 1x 20 minute stop-time periods

-2 minute rest between periods


Bantam and Midget divisions: (120 minute time allowance)

-5 minute warm-up

-3x 20 minute stop-time periods

-2 minute rest between periods



 All games shall be played out.  No game can end in a tie. In the event a game is tied after regular  play, the following outlines how overtime shall be conducted:

  1. Teams will not switch ends for overtime
  2. Each team shall be allowed a 1 minute rest before overtime commences, and in between each overtime period needed.
  3. A five-minute, stop-time, sudden-death, overtime period will be played.
  4. Overtime will continue with as many overtime periods needed.


 Round Robin:

  1. In Round robin play, points will be awarded as follows:
    1. -2 points for WIN
    2. -0 points for LOSS
  2. In the event one or more teams are tied after round robin play, the following rules will be used to determine final placement:
  1. Team record against each other. If still tied, then
    1. The goal average: The goal average shall be calculated by dividing the total goals for, by the total goals for plus the goals against. Only the goals scored in the games between the tied teams shall be used in the above formula. If still tied, then
    2. Least goals against in the preliminary round. If still tied, then
    3. A coin toss.


Awards & Medals

Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

Player Awards for HEART and HUSTLE & MVP (for each round robin game).


Heart and Hustle award for 1 player from each team for the round robin games.  The coach from the opposite team will choose the player to win the award. Each player should only win this one time during the tournament.  No Heart and Hustle for the medal games.

MVP award for 1 player from each team for the round robin games.  The coach from the opposite team will choose the player to win the MVP.  Each player should only win this one time during the tournament. No MVP during the medal games.


Referees: All referee decisions made during the game are final.

**Abuse of referees, game officials or tournament committee members will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for expulsion of the individual, and/or team involved, at the discretion of the discipline committee. Unruly fans may be barred from the tournament arenas at the discretion of the Referee, Referee-in-Chief, or the Tournament Director**

  1. Any match, game or gross misconduct penalties will be sent to the Discipline Committee in the form of a Referee report. After consulting with the committee, a decision will be rendered regarding the suspension, and the decision will be final.
  2. Official protests in regard to conduct on the field will not be considered.
  3. Any team who deliberately attempts to delay the game will be assessed a two minute delay of game penalty. If this occurs in the last two minutes of the game, a penalty shot will be awarded.
  4. Mouth guards are mandatory for the Titans Tournament.  Any player found on the floor not wearing a mouth guard will be asked to leave the game until the player can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the floor officials that he/she has a mouth guard.  In addition the team will be assessed a 2 minute penalty for delay of game, serving player is to be from a player on the floor at the time.


Any official protest shall be documented in detail and submitted along with a $100.00 cheque to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director shall convene the Discipline Committee, along with the Tournament Committee, and any members of the board available, who are not directly involved, to discuss the protest. The decision of this convened committee shall be final. If the Committee rules in favour of the team submitting the protest, the protest bond will be refunded in full, immediately.


Discipline Procedures

All match, game or gross misconducts will be referred to the Sherwood Park Titans Lacrosse designated discipline rep that will, after consulting with the discipline committee, render a decision regarding suspensions and their decision will be final.  ALA suspension guidelines will be used.

Dressing rooms and facilities:

All dressing rooms will be checked prior to, and immediately following each game. Any damages found will be considered the responsibility of the last team who used the dressing room.  Any damage to a locker room may lead to a team’s expulsion from the tournament.


** ABSOLUTELY NO BALLS are to be thrown, cradled etc., outside of a designated playing surface, at any of the tournament venues and facilities. Offenders will be subject to disciplinary action by the discipline committee, which may include expulsion from the tournament. No exceptions- unless you are on the field, playing a tournament sanctioned game, leave the lacrosse balls in your bag!!!**


Thank you for your cooperation and help making this an excellent tournament experience for everyone.  We wish all the teams good luck and have a great weekend!

Titans Tournament Committee 2018













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