Tournament Rules

Sherwood Park Titans Classic 2017 Tournament Rules

 Each participating team will be prepared to supply proof of age for all players listed on their rosters (including affiliates). Any changes to the team roster must be supplied to the tournament registrar 72 hours before the first tournament game is played. Teams may affiliate up to the ALA registered roster size. Any affiliate goaltenders must be dressed as goaltenders on the bench, and will only be eligible to participate as a goaltender during the Tournament. All affiliates must be drawn from the same club, and in a lower division or first age group in the applicable division competing. Exceptions to this affiliation regulation can be made to Rural based teams that only have one team registered with the ALA and will not have enough players to participate. These teams will be allowed to affiliate from a different club subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee.

  • ALA rules will be in effect except where otherwise noted.

  •  Checking from behind penalties will result in a 4 minute penalty or a 5 minute penalty and a game ejection depending on the severity. Players ejected in the last 10 minutes of the game must sit out the next game.

  •  Abuse of players, team staff, referees, game officials or tournament committee members will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion of the individual or teams involved. This will be at the discretion of the discipline committee.
  • Unruly fans will be barred from the tournament arenas at the discretion of the discipline committee.

  •  Mouthguards are MANDATORY for the Titans Tournament. Any player found on the floor not wearing a mouth guard will be asked to leave the game until the player can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the floor officials the he/she has a mouth guard. In addition the team will be assessed a 2 minute penalty for delay of game, serving player to be from a player on the floor at the time.

  •  Abuse of Officials, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated. This includes players, coaches, and spectators, and could result in ejection from the tournament venue(s) for the duration of the tournament.

  •  Any team who deliberately attempts to delay the game will be assessed a 2 minute delay of game penalty. If this occurs in the last 2 minutes of the game a penalty shot will be awarded.

  •  Any team withdrawing from the tournament will forfeit it's entry fee.

  •  If team colors are similar, the HOME team will be required to change jerseys.  Home team will be designated on the game sheet. If the visiting team has two sets of jerseys they may wear their opposite color.

 **If neither team have AWAY jerseys then the tournament committee will supply Pinnies to the HOME team**

  •  Game sheets must be prepared and approved 15 minutes before the scheduled game start time. Game sheets will be available from Tournament organizers at the info table at each arena played at.

  •  Overtime will take place in the bronze and gold medal games if necessary and will be as follows:

  •   Teams will not switch ends for overtime.

  •  A 5 minute stop time, sudden victory.

  •  If the tie is not broken after 5 minutes, a shootout will take place (visitor team shooting first).

  •  Each team will declare 5 players who will compete in the shootout.

  • All 5 players will shoot, if a tie is still not broken, each team will then alternate with new shootout players until the tie is broken, (no player can shoot a second time until all players have gone).

  •  The tournament organizing committee will supply all game referees and game ball. 

  •  All referee decisions during the course of the game are final.

  •  Any official protest shall be documented and submitted along with $100.00 to the tournament chairperson. The decision of the tournament committee will be final. If the committee rules in favor of the protest, the $100.00 protest bond will be refunded in full immediately.

  •  All match and gross misconduct penalties will result in a automatic minimum 2 games suspension. The player/team official will not be allowed to participate in the tournament until the tournament Discipline committee has issued formal approval.

  •  Dressing rooms must be left clean and orderly after each game.  Any team leaving a room and/or facility in disarray or in a damaged state could face expulsion from the tournament and be required to pay for damages and clean up fees. 



(1) time keeper/score keeper OR
(1) 30 second time keeper



 Novice (male/female):

1 hour games

 3 minute warm up

 3 - 15 minute run time periods with stop time for the last 5 minutes of the 3rd 

2 minute rest between period


 PeeWee (male/female):

 1 hour games

 3 minute warm up

 3 - 15 minute run time periods with stop time for the last 5 minutes of the 3rd

 2 minute rest between periods


 Bantam (male/female):

 1.25 hour games

 3 minute warm up

 3 - 15 minute stop time periods 

 2 minutes rest between periods


Midget (male/female):

 1.25 hour games

 3 minute warm up

 3 - 15 minute stop time periods 

 2 minutes rest between periods


For all Run time games, the clock is only stopped under the direction of on floor officials or during the last five (5) minutes of the 3rd period. For Stop time games, the clock is stopped on goals, penalties and time outs. All teams are allowed 1 time out per game and 1 time out in overtime.  NOTE:  If games fall behind schedule, on floor warm ups, rest periods, stop time, or game time must be reduced or eliminated. If game is running over, time clock will be dropped to 2 minutes if scheduled time is within 5 minutes of the end of game, NO EXCEPTIONS.


   MERCY RULE IN EFFECT FOR ALL REGULAR GAMES: If there is a goal difference of more than 6 goals, there will be no stop time.  If the goal difference gets within 4 goals, stop time will resume.


    Teams not ready to play on schedule will be assessed 2 minute delay of play penalty. 


IF A TEAM IS NOT READY after 5 minutes, the offending team will forfeit the game and receive 0 points and the winning team will receive the maximum points with a score of 3 to 0. 


WIN = 2 points 
TIE = 1 point

LOSS = 0 points 

Win a period = 1 point

Tie a period = 1/2 point

Lose a period = 0 points

MAXIMUM numbers of points awarded per game is 5 points

TIE BREAKER FORMULA for advancement at all levels.  If 2 or more teams are tied after advancement the following will be used to determine final placement:


2)  Total of all games, team with lowest number of goals against advances. (add total goals against in the round robin)

3)  Teams with fewest penalty minutes advance

  • If the tie persists, a coin toss will be used to determine the winner


Upcoming Events

Dec. 27, 2017

Peewee/ Bantam Goalie Camp
Leduc Recreation Centre
Peewee/Bantam goalie camp. Bold Athletics goalie camp.

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Jan. 07, 2018 to Mar. 15, 2018

Titans Drop in Sessions 2018
Millennium Place, Sherwood Park, AB.
The 2018 Titans Lacrosse season drop in sessions will run from Jan 7 - Mar 15 at Millennium Place.

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